Worrying suggestions, worrying trends

I just came across something suggested on a Remainer facebook group I read, which I find pretty worrying. I’m not sure how serious it was, but someone suggested we should now have a way to differentiate between those who voted leave and those who wanted to remain, such as wrist bands. As angry as I am about the outcome of the referendum, this scares me. How anyone else voted is none of mine or anyone else’s business. It seems indicative of a worrying trend in our society: we are beginning to divide ourselves into two camps, drifting further and further away from each other. Right now it may be just a joke, but the trend is a serious concern: before we know it, we could have something resembling a civil war. I may be overreacting, but I’m starting to read worrying trends in what people are now saying in relation to the referendum’s outcome.

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