What can I do?

What can I do? Every time I read the headlines or watch the news these days, I fly into a rage. I fill with feelings of absolute hate and anger, comparable only to Ahab. Every time I see Farage’s smug little face, I want to put a brick through it: for a moment I fancy I begrudge him every breath he draws – he steals oxygen which might be better used somewhere else. The same goes for Trump. And then the moment passes; I browse on, or the news moves on to another story, and I calm down. Yet, frankly, what I feel in those few moments scares me: I honestly want to kill someone.

I’ve always been hot tempered. Unihock sessions back at school often saw me get worked up into uncontrollable, adrenaline-fuelled rages. I knew it was just a game, butI couldn’t stand to lose. I knew it was just a game, but I often got violent. These days, it’s the same with politics: the team I wanted to win lost, and I suddenly feel absolute hatred for the winners. I know it’s immature; I know I should respect democracy and the will of the people etc, but part of me cannot. Part of me rails that neither Brexit nor the election of trump should be allowed to stand.

But what can I do. Part of that rage stems from the fact I know I am powerless. For a moment I feel the urge to go find farage and rip his worthless head off, but I know that’s impossible. Even if I could what would it achieve? one should debate with the voices you disagree with, not silence them completely. And isn’t such absolute intolerance to opposition one of the hallmarks of the very ideology I am so furious with? Yet, for a few moments, a feeling of absolute fury courses through my veins, and all I want to do is rip this mans beating heart from his chest for all the suffering he has caused.

The world is going entirely the wrong way, and I’m powerless to stop it. All I can do is sit here, have my rages, wait for them to pass, and then get on with life.

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