A moment of peace

Lyn and I were just making our way home after an afternoon out and about. We were coming through maryon-wilson park again, when I suddenly felt a moment of peace. The sky was blue, the air clear and calm: suddenly it was twenty or twenty-five years ago, and I was being driven home from school through the fields of cheshire. It was a timeless moment: all frets and worries faded as I rolled through that small piece of woodland, the woman I love beside me. All at once I was here, bound for home after a day at school, or here, heading towards Swettenham in my powerchair. Happy memories flooded into my brain: comforting thoughts of family and friendship; youth, and peace.

I felt the past, and pondered the future. That moment made me think about the homeward journeys of twenty years ago; but in turn that made me ponder the future:

what will life be like twenty years hence? What secrets and surprises does time hold? Who knows. What time do we have, but all the time in the world?

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