The closure of MMU Cheshire

I suppose I better note this, miserable news though it is. Yesterday I got wind that MMU’s Cheshire campus is being considered for complete closure. That means that, now they’ve sold the campus at Alsager, they might sell the one at crewe too. If so, that would mean the end of MMU Cheshire.

In a way I find this heartbreaking. At uni I spent most of my time at Alsager campus. I didn’t really like crewe campus, probably because it was a bus ride away and meant getting up early. Yet it is where I did my Masters; I remember going there for my meetings with Alan. The closure of the entire Cheshire campus would, though, mean that the place I owe so much to, the place where I made so many good friends, the place which essentially made me who I am, is no more. It may now be three hundred kilometres away, and I might never have gone there again, but to hear that place is now being tossed aside like it didn’t matter, when it once mattered so much to me and my friends, is very sad news indeed.

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