I will never subscribe to racial theories

I just want to make one thing clear, and get it down in black and white: I will never, ever subscribe to the notion of race or racial difference in biological terms. As far as I am concerned, humanity is a single race, a single species. I know that will seem obvious to most people reading this, at least at present; but the way things are going, I fear this self-evident idea will soon be questioned more and more. Certain people will start trying to shift the consensus; we are already starting to see it happen in the states. With the so-called alt-right on the rise, theories of race which should have been consigned to history are returning. I fear they will soon be seen as an acceptable part of social discourse – the idiots championing such ideas will counter demands they shut up with hypocritical pleas for tolerance, and slowly racism will become accepted more and more. It will become acceptable to judge people and to make assumptions about things like intelligence based purely on the colour of their skin; where such abhorrent ideas were once shunned, they will start becoming accepted as valid opinion, and then I fear as fact. I refuse to let that happen. I will never accept or tolerate such a rancid idea: humanity, for all it’s wonderful diversity, is one race, and all it’s members are of equal worth.

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