The return of my squeals

I seem to be gradually recovering my cheeriness. While the world at large still seems to be contentedly driving itself over the edge of a cliff, the last few days has seen me feeling rather upbeat and light. I have found myself remembering all the great things I’ve done in the past, and wondering what awesome things might happen in the future. I’ve been thinking about inconsequential, trivial things again, such as stuff to do with Star Trek and James bond, just as I always used to. The last few days have seen the return of my merry, contented little squeaks and squeals, as I think about things which make me happy. I don’t know why this happened: perhaps it is a coping strategy in response to how depressing everything is getting; perhaps it was just time. But I’m glad it did, as it means I can get back to thinking about all the great things there are to think about, such as the projects I mentioned yesterday, rather than getting angrier and angrier at how screwed up everything is becoming.

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