the paradox of being called inspirational

I think this is worth flagging up today. In it, my friend Chris tries to articulate something I’ve touched upon once or twice on here over the years: the paradox of being called inspirational. Guys like me get it all the time – people come up to us and say we’re oh so great or brave, or whatever other nauseating adjective they want to use, just because we try to get on with life. Lyn and I are essentially just two londoners living in the maelstrom, the same as anyone else; the fact that we both have cerebral palsy does nothing to effect that. We may face our problems and barriers, but what life doesn’t have problems or or barriers? We do not want to inspire people, merely to live as happily and as well as we can.

A great point raised there by chris; and to be thinking about such matters while on holiday in Cuba is impressive.

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