A wonderful walk

Lyn and I just got in from a wonderful walk. Now that the days are starting to get longer, we have been going on quite a few lengthy rolls together. This afternoon, after our usual coffee in the park, we headed down to the river. The sun was, at that point, just beginning to set; the lights were coming on across the city, and, apart from a few spots of rain and a stiff breeze, all was calm. Rolling along the riverbank behind Lyn, I suddenly felt very warm and content. I suddenly remembered those days, a decade ago now, when Bill used to push me along the Salt Line and down the bridal paths near Alsager. I thought too of walking back to campus with Charlotte, singing at the top of our voices into the cheshire air.

I’m on the rocky road

Heading down off the mountain slope And as my steps echo echo, louder than before Another day is done, say goodbye to the setting sun

See what I found,

Turn back to the ground Just like before…

Coming back up the hill, towards the Royal Standard, I blurted out a couple of those lines once again. It was a moment of bliss. The sky, overcast a few moments before, was clearing from the west. In front of me, the woman I adore the most in all the world was leading us home. I felt loved. As we walked, so many people had recognised me and said ”Hi Matt”, it was uncanny. Moments like that make me reflect on what a remarkable, wonderful life I lead. In such moments you remember what has been, but that in turn makes you look forward to the great things yet to come.

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