Top gear is dead

Why does the bbc continue to flog the dead horse that is Top Gear? Give it up guys; it may have been one of your greatest, most successful programs, but it’s gone. Without Jeremy Clarkson and co., it just doesn’t work. Fans want the original three presenters; replacing them with three other guys, especially a nauseating american from Friends and two guys we don’t know from Adam, just won’t work. The beeb will never be able to recapture that special something the original presenters had because they took it with them, and now, whatever they do will seem like a hollow facsimile. I might have been cautiously optimistic about it’s first revival last autumn, but now Chris Evans is gone, I really think what we see tonight will be a shadow of it’s former self. Thus, Top Gear is dead. It is no more. It has ceased to be. It has gone the way of this parrot, and try as the beeb might to revive it, without Clarkson, Top Gear is an ex-program.

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