Uses of a bent fork 2.0

I was thinking about the film I mention here a few days ago, and about how it might be good to use in my exhibition. I think it illustrates the ideas I’ll be trying to get at rather well: being disabled does not mean one is a burden, by any means. The problem was, the sound on that recording was awful; using it for a proper screening just would not be an option. There was just one solution: make another version.

Thus on Saturday, with the very generous help of Paul and Matt, we got filming. It didn’t take very long, but I think you’ll agree that the new version, which you can see here, is much better. It’s also more technically complex: rather than doing it in one long shot, this time we actually did a bit of editing and camera work. Matt was a great help with that. I’m very pleased with the outcome, and can’t wait to show the guys at school.

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