I will not let this xenophobe get his way

I just came across a clip of farage on his LBC radio show, and quickly felt a wave of pure, intense anger. He was trying to sound all peaceful and accommodating, asking what it would take for us Remainers to accept the result of the referendum, but it struck me as a total insult. How dare this utter embarrassment to humanity be so patronising, condescending and arrogant? It was like he was trying to shut us up like wayward kids, resisting their parents’ judgement. I instantly flew off the handle; I felt a white-hot rage and had to go out into the Garden to calm myself down. I almost had an absence, I was so furious.

How dare he? The referendum was won on a lie, based on the slimmest of majorities. Our human rights and standing in the world are at risk because of it. Farage was making out it was all cut and dry, over with, and we should all accept the result. The hell I will. Thhat would give him and capitalists like him carte blanche to screw us all. I will not let this xenophobe get his way and turn this country into a free-market hell.

My rages scare me. For a few moments, all I feel is anger; I genuinely want to kill someone. Yet I’m not the only one who feels so angry. While the way I express it is connected with my cerebral palsy, the anger and worry I feel, the frustration that so many people allowed themselves to be mislead, is genuine. Others feel it too – we saw it with the protests on saturday. The anger is building, and that’s what farage fears and is trying to quell: he does not want brexit to be reversed.

But it must be; it will be. Brexit is utterly wrong for this country, and must be fought. More and more of us are waking up to the fact that it was a travesty of democracy built upon the lies of xenophobes. That’s why we refuse to ”respect the result”, and why we refuse to be talked down to by an utter disgrace of a human being who should be in jail, not on the radio.

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