Communication Works 2017

Today was Communication Works 2017, and I think it’s fair to say that it has been quite a day. I got there nice and early, just as everyone was setting up their stalls. It was in a big sports hall, to one side of which were doors opening on to an area with a small shack. In there they were projecting short films, one of which was my Thousand Londoners film, as well as films by Post 16 students. Close by was a table with folders containing some of my writing. It was the manifestation of the exhibition idea I mentioned here, and I felt quite flattered to be featured so highly.

In the main hall were stalls exhibiting all sorts of the latest communications technology. It was incredibly interesting. I hadn’t been there long when my friend Matt arrived to help me film some of it. I’d had the idea of making a film on the event a few days ago; it seemed the best way for me to contribute. We spent a couple of hours getting footage of the stalls and exhibitors, as well as going in to some of the seminars. I think we now have the makings of an excellent film, which I’ll edit together soon.

Lyn popped in an hour or two into the event, and we had a fascinating time looking at everything. Mid-afternoon, the three of us popped out for a coffee; L and M stayed at the cafe, while I went back to see the event to it’s end. I just got home, rather tired and hot, but glad to have been, and excited what the communication world comes up with by next year.

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