Exhibition 2017

Something is now in the offing which could turn out to be very awesome indeed. A few weeks ago, I was trying to come up with ideas for the film festival. I told you about the idea I settled upon a few days ago. Before that, though, I had been mulling the idea of somehow putting on another exhibition, but with a film focus. You may remember, ten years ago, I put on an exhibition at university about my life as a disabled student. We took over the campus gallery and filled it with my writing and photos.

A few weeks ago I began to think about doing something similar here in charlton for the film festival. If I could somehow recapture the awesomeness of my original, it could be amazing. The problem was, how to organise it? For starters I would need a space to put it.

It was then that I thought about asking school. Being a special school, they could have both the remit and facilities to host something like this. I drafted a simple proposal and sent it to them. A few days later, I got my answer: they thought it was a fantastic idea. Instead of doing it for the film festival, though, they suggested making it part of Communication Works, their event focussing on AAC. I agreed, it might be a much better idea. After all, I now want to do something about 1000 Londoners for the film festival.

I am now very excited: I have another exhibition to organise. I don’t want it to just be about me this time, though – surely I’m not that egotistical. Yet there’s so much I can do with this, so much I can put in, that I barely know where to start.

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