Communication works 2018

Today was Communication Works 2018 at Charlton Park Academy, and it has been a very cool day indeed. I didn’t have much of a role in organising it this year. Last year I put on a bit of an exhibition about myself, but this time I sort of stepped back. To be honest I haven’t been into school much this academic year, something I really want to rectify in the autumn. Mind you, I submitted a coolpiece of writing for the event, which I was proud to see on the wall in the event’s museum area. The funny thing is, I didn’t know when it was this year: as luck would have it I popped into school a couple of days ago, more or less just to say hi, and was asked if I was coming in today.

I’m now very glad I made that trip. As usual, it was quite a fascinating event, with displays of all the latest communication technology. It was opened by Abdi Omar, a motivational speaker and VOCA user with CP from Somalia. There was also a lady from the BBC there I got chatting to: she said Louis Theroux was planning a program about communication aid users, which she was doing research for. Of course this pricked my interest, so I showed her my blog and some of my writing, and she said she would email me.

After that, I spent my time browsing the stalls and talking to exhibitors. After a while Lyn joined me there, and we had a good afternoon chatting to people before, at about three, we decided it was high time for a cup of coffee. It’s awesome to have such a great event, about something we are both quite passionate about, virtually on our doorstep. Now, though, I’m feeling quite bad that I did not help out at school much this year; something I definitely need to remedy come the autumn.

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