The best cake ever

When my brothers and I were growing up, mum used to make excellent chocolate cakes for our birthdays. Nice and gooey, with a layer of chocolate icing running through the middle, we always thought they were the best chocolate cakes in the world. I never tasted a better chocolate cake, until this afternoon.

A few days ago our friend Heather from the park offered to make a cake to celebrate Lyn’s birthday. We had all been told how good this cake was, so we arranged to meet in the park to eat some. While I was looking forward to it, I was quite unprepared for just how good this cake was. It apparently contained Guiness, and the moment I bit into it I was dumbstruck. It was so rich and tasty, with the greatest respect to mum and her cooking I think her crown has been taken. At the very least I know who to ask for our birthday cakes from now on.

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