A glimpse of polish political life

This festival is increasingly reminding me of university. It’s a contemporary arts festival, so one senses the same playful exploration I found back on campus. A lot of the work here is higher intellectual, highly postmodern. As well as music and sound based work, there are installations, projections and performance pieces. There was also an odd piece about secrets which I’m not allowed to discuss. Perhaps most illuminating, though, was a discussion we went to on censorship; it has certainly been eye opening to see how much control the state still has here. They were debating a controversy caused by a photo of a woman swearing in front of a government building which government officials now seek to censor. In all, though, it has been wonderful to see an entire village given over to such an event. I hope Sokolovsko serves as an example to other places the world over, for alongside the art and music I have also felt the warmest of welcomes.

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