Another day in Sokołowsko

Yesterday we went for a short drive in the Polish countryside. One of the women organising the festival took us. We just went to her village and back, but it was enough for me to get an idea of how different Poland is to England. For one, there are vast deep forests of a kind rarely seen in Britain. They had a fascinating, ancient feel to them. The houses we passed were beguiling too, like time worn fragments of another era which modern life had yet to touch.

We were supposed to be moving on today. The plan was to get up early and catch the bus. I therefore went to bed at a sensible time, but Lyn and the lads decided to stay out. They came back just after six this morning, me wondering where the smeg they had got to, obviously in no state to go anywhere. We are therefore staying in Sokołowsko another day and moving on tomorrow. It’s such a pretty place with such a fantastic vibe one cannot complain. I might even get to see those intriguing forests again.

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