Lollock and bollock

A couple of evenings ago, at the end of a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant, dominik asked whether to ask for the bill. In an attempt at comedy I quipped that we could ask for Ben too. Dom and John looked nonplussed: of course our Polish personal assistants didn’t get the reference.

I explained that Bill and Ben was an old children’s tv show in the U.K. Dom’s reply, though, had lyn and I in instant fits of laughter. ”Ahh,” he said ”like Lollock and

Bollock in Poland”

He continued to talk for a few seconds after, but I just had to stop him. Had I heard correctly? Was he joking? Surely my friend was pulling my leg: no kids tv program could have such a hilarious name. But he wasn’t: in Poland they really do have a program called Lollock and Bollock. I know I shouldn’t find it so funny, and that it’s just a case of language differences, but I simply can’t help bursting into laughter when I hear that name; and to think that it’s from a children’s tv show akin to bill and Ben somehow makes it even funnier.

Mind you, it then took a while for us to explain why lyn and I were suddenly so amused, and then what the word Bollock means.

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