Guitaring in reception

I’m rather pleased with myself this morning. At time of writing (although not posting as I don’t have a wifi connection) everyone else is still in bed. Manolo rejoined us last night, as the plan to visit him in Fueta Ventura proved to be too expensive, and it was cheaper for him to come back. We had just got in from a lovely long walk along the coast and were starting to think about dinner, when he came in, guitar in hand. It felt like seeing a long lost friend, although I only met the guy the other day.

We started to chat in the hotel reception area, and pretty soon John went to get some drinks. I’m still off the booze so I just had coke, but everyone else- including Lyn- was on the hard stuff. They hit it fairly hard, and I soon lost count of how many rounds they got. Manolo got out his guitar and began to play. He’s a pretty awesome guitarist and singer, and pretty soon other people started to gather around to listen. At one point he played the House Of the Rising Sun, Lyn joining in on her iPad, and it was truly, astonishingly beautiful.

However, one thing lead to another, and the guys began to get fairly tipsy. We hadn’t eaten yet so we ordered pizza, eating it there in the hotel reception. Although John and Dominik cleaned most of it up, we made quite a mess – I hope the hotel staff don’t mind. I headed to bed at about twelve completely sober, but by then everyone else was definitely the worse for ware, Manolo slouched in his chair, fast asleep. Nevertheless it had turned out to be a great evening, and we all had an awesome time.

Im currently waiting for the guys to wake up. I just hope everyone isn’t too hung over; I, on the other hand, feel as fresh as a daisy. God I love not drinking sometimes.

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