Back to reality

I dreamed about my grandma last night: a strange, sad dream where I was walking around her empty house. I have, of course, been thinking about her a lot recently. Yesterday, for instance, I was eating an orange and suddenly remembered how grandma used to give me an orange when I got home from school each night.

We are currently sitting in the airport waiting for the flight home. After an awesome holiday it’s time to get back to London and reality. It has been a wonderful week, and we’ve done some incredible things, but the news of my grandmother’s death has put a dampener on things. Waking up from my dream I remembered where I was, got up, and started to prepare to go home. Grandma was quite awesome in her own way and I think all the family will miss her. I think I’ll Skype my parents pretty soon after we get back, and then start to organise going up to visit them. Holiday over its time to get back to reality.

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