Reconciliatory gibberish from an egotistical moron

Last night a man gave a speech he had no right to give, claiming to be president of a country which the world now views as a joke. Being forced to watch that embarrassment to humanity Trump give the state of the union address, claiming to lead a country he has no idea how to run, makes me want to vomit. How did we get to this? How did we get to the sight of this egotistical jackass from reality tv giving the State of the Union address? The fact that Trump was so reconciliatory towards the Democrats and America as a whole shows that the p’tahk knows what a mess he is in: Trump’s in a whole world of trouble, from dismal approval ratings to being investigated by the FBI; but instead of admitting his failure or that he has torn his country apart, he acts all nicey-nicey, trying to look like the good guy. At the same time, the fact that the speech itself was a load of cliche-ridden nonsense devoid of any substance, delivered in short, clipped easily-recited sentences demonstrates the fact that Trump is not a politician but a showman, more concerned with looking powerful and authoritative than with the welfare of his country.

How could any serious nation, let alone the world’s foremost superpower, put up with having tis fool as it’s leader? It really is laughable.

I’ll say it again: the USA is a joke, and the longer it calls this arsehole it’s president, the more of a joke it looks.

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