The Remain games

Back in 2012, Lyn performed with the British Paraorchestra in the paralympic closing ceremony. I was therefore involved in the most phenomenal cultural event to hit the UK for a generation. No doubt everyone remembers how the country seemed to unite behind this event: it was incredibly powerful. The olympics and paralympics had everyone’s attention; they brought the country together, and we showed the world how awesome we could be.

A lot has changed in the six years since 2012. the referendum seems to have divided the country irrevocably. Our future has been stolen by lies and stupidity, and a lot of people are incredibly angry about it. At the march in westminster a couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me that what we in the Remain camp need is an event: bigger than any protest, we need to create something phenomenal to show our objection to where the country is now heading. It would be a sporting and cultural event with opening and closing ceremonies, utilising all the cultural know-how we have. It could even be held at the olympic park in Stratford. It would not only demonstrate the huge dissatisfaction with Brexit which now exists in this country, but could also be used to change outists’ minds. The question is, does this idea have any legs, and how might I get it off the ground? Surely there must be some way to culturally reunify the country, or at least demonstrate it’s  disquiet at what is going on.

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