Outists stoop to a new low

My loathing  for Brexit has just been redoubled. According to this article in The New European, Sir David Attenborough – a man who deserves the nation’s unconditional respect – has effectively been told to shut up by the p’tahks at the Daily Mail for criticising Brexit. “It’s a measure of the McCarthyite times in which we live that Sir David Attenborough – without question the nation’s most revered broadcaster – has been told to desist from making any more disparaging comments about Brexit.” Things are indeed becoming increasingly McCarthyite: this vividly illustrates how badly Brexit is going and how desparate and angry the Outists are becoming,  that they would stoop to attacking a man who has brought the nation so much joy and fascination over the last sixty years. This is a new low, even for those scumbags.

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