things I’m looking forward to

There are  now several things I’m looking forward to.  This morning I got  wind that the twenty-fifth Bond film will be released in December  next year. I think I have mentioned on here before how excited I was at the news that Danny Boyle is directing it. The gossip is that he now plans something completely new and original in this film – something which would make it stand out from the rest of the Bond canon. I’m something of a Boyle fan, and know what he is capable of, so I think we’re in for a real treat  next year. The guy who gave us Happy and Glorious will surely bring us something new to the franchise.

Before that I  have other things I’m looking forward  to though. In a couple of weeks  Lyn and I set off for  Poland to go to the same festival we went to last year. Immediately after that we’re going up  to Chester for Charlie’s wedding. That  will certainly be an interesting, adventure-filled  few days.

After that, I’m quite looking forward to the opening of Crossrail this December, believe  it or not. The  metropolis still fascinates me, and I feel this new rail network will add a new dimension to it.  We’ll be able to  go all  over the city so much easier. It will add something new to this fascinating place, and my explorations will probably increase tenfold.

There are other things, but you get the idea. I mentioned the biggie – the return  of Captain Picard –  the other day. When I think about it, I have a load of cool stuff to look forward to. My weblog archive should be restored soon too (hint to the Lukester there!). I lead  an awesome life full of great memories, both already existing and yet to be created Thus, as worked up as I get about politics, I can never get too down.

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