Our PA mitch is a uni student who often gets on with his academic work when Lyn and I don’t need his help. He has recently been doing some 3d graphic work, showing us what he  has been up to on hiss laptop. This morning, I was rather impressed with the spooky-looking he was creating, which he could rotate and manipulate in quite a fun way. I asked him which package he was using,  and he said it was called Blender. I  asked him what it cost. I didn’t expect  it to be cheap  (such software seldom is) but to my surprise, mitch told me it was free to download. I instantly decided to have a go: I googled it and, ignoring thee links too food mixing machines, I downloaded it.

I have spent much of the day since then trying to get to grips with it. To be honest it is  far from straightforward, but as Mitchel promised there are plenty of tutorials on youtube to watch. I have found it great fun, and can already see great potential for my film work. Alongside photoshop, I now have access to some great graphics packages  which I can use to generate all  kinds of images. Until now my problem has been that I cannot physically use cameras, but if I learn how to animate, who knows what weird and wonderful moving images I’ll be able to create.

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