Posting my thesis to Sir Patrick

Today, along with a cover letter, I posted a copy of my MA thesis to Sir Patrick Stewart. I had always regretted not giving him a copy when I met him in 2014, but until now it seemed pretty pointless: why would he want to read about why I loved the Ahab scene in First Contact? Recently, though, I saw an interview where Sir Patrick said that one of the reasons for his choice to go back to Star Trek was that he had had so many people tell  him about the way they had drawn inspiration and strength from  Picard. Thinking about it in bed last night, I decided it was time I added to that: I wanted to let Mr. Stewart know that his work had affected me too. This morning, then, I bought an  envelope and wrote a short cover letter, and posted a copy of my thesis to  Mr. Stewart’s london agent. I hope with all my heart that he  reads it. It seems star Trek means  a great deal to many people, and I wanted to show the great man why it means so much to me too.

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