Christine Hamilton axed from MD charity over burka tweet

There are certain people in british public life who should not be there. Who, instead of appearing on telly every now and then or having newspaper articles written about  them, deserve to just be ignored as the utter irrelevancies they are. I just came across this Beeb article: Christine Hamilton has been removed as a charity ambassador  for Muscular Dystrophy UK after comparing burkas to the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan. As someone who has lost several friends to MD, reading that made  my blood boil. I don’t  want that xenophobic whore, that utter waste of human life, anywhere near that  charity. The bitch presumably thinks she can jump on the trump/bojo bandwagon and attract a bit of media attention and political clout for herself   and her husband. It’s as if they want to seem like countercultural,  independent thinkers by coming out with shit like this, when  in fact she is insulting and scapegoating an already oppressed minority in order  to score points with the most abhorrent, contemptible members of our society. She says she is being a  ‘British Battleaxe’,  but fascists like her have no place in  our cultural life:  xenophobia is xenophobia, and ignorant, arrogant bitches who contribute nothing to society should just be ignored as the embarrassments to human civilisation they are.

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