On Blackheath 2018 day 1

A few days ago, Lyn and I were in the park enjoying our usual coffees when  Glenn Tilbrook walks up. He lives in Woolwich and sometimes comes to  Charlton. I didn’t know who he was until Lyn explained he was the lead singer in a band called Squeeze. Lyn  introduced herself, and they got talking.  At the end, Mr.  Tilbrook kindly offered us tickets to come to his show in On Blackheath, so that’s  where we were yesterday.

We were there for most of the afternoon and well into the evening.  On Blackheath is an annual festival growing in popularity. It was fantastic to see so many people there: the heath was covered in tents and stages so people could chose which bands or artists they wanted to see. The place felt alive.  Upon  getting there, we first saw a band in a tent, before having a bite to eat. We then went to the  wheelchair viewing platform of one of  the main stages, where Billy Bragg was doing a set. I was very impressed with his political mixture  of humour and music, and I thing he now has a new fan in me.

Next to play were The Devine Comedy. I remembered those guys playing on the radio in the taxi on the way to school in the nineties. They were quite cool, the entire audience dancing away in  front of our viewing platform.

Last to play last night were Squeeze. I wasn’t that familiar with their music, but soon  got into it, recognising at least two or three songs. (Who could fail to remember this classic after all?) The whole audience was dancing away: there was a great friendly, family atmosphere there, and it was good to see local London society come together to have fun once again. The metropolis was proving it’s awesomeness once more: it’s fantastic to be able to go to a thriving annual  festival just down the road from us. The second day of the festival is today, so all being well we’ll be going over there later. Expect more details here tomorrow.

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