On Blackheath day two

Yesterday was less hectic and action-packed than the day before. We went over to Blackheath a bit later, Lyn rolling over first,  followed by myself and Mitchell. I don’t think L realised that we were going to join her, so you should have seen her face when, on the viewing platform,  she turned her head and suddenly saw me sat next to her.

We didn’t stay  there long yesterday. Truth be told, Lyn only wanted to see The  Lightning Seeds, and wasn’t fussed about  the other artists. Nonetheless, it was great to bop about to a bit of eighties retro  rock again.

London has done it  again, it seems: On Blackheath is one of those great little festivals in a hidden corner of the metropolis, not that widely known, but which you just have to love, The sense of community one feels there is inspiring, as if you can feel the spirit of the city. People come together, on a vast heath overlooking London, to have a good time and listen to some great music. Isn’t that exactly what London life is all about?

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