I have come across something very interesting indeed. On sunday my PA Mitchel suggested that I checked out a series called Atypical on Netflix. I’ve been wanting to get into something new for ages, so I thought I’d give it a go. Having now watched the first three episodes, I think I’m a fan. It’s about an American teenager with quite severe Autism  and  his family;  it also touches upon his school and  social life. I’d say it was more of a drama than a comedy, although it has comic moments. Yet the way it portrays autism,, disability and the social consequences of being part of a family with a severely autistic young man is unlike anything I’ve seen before: the way it explores the language surrounding disability issues, for example, tells me that this program was written by someone who knows what they’re talking  about. It also goes into some of the social issues involved, and the characters are certainly not the whiter-than-white generic staples one usually finds on this sort of program. I’m very impressed with netflix indeed – you seldom come across this kind of thing on conventional TV. I’ll certainly watch the rest of it, including the recently released second season, as I really want to see where they take it.

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