Why Jean-Luc Picard Is Actually the Hero We Need Right Now

While it is rather long, I think I need to flag this video  up. It is a discussion of the return of Captain Picard, and why Picard is exactly the character we need at the moment.  In it, Steve Shires looks at some of the best Picard episodes, arguing that he is  precisely the figure of   wisdom, patience and tolerance we need in the current political atmosphere. I think it’s worth a watch, even for non-Trekkies. Star Trek has always had the ability to show us an optimistic, hopeful vision of the future built on tolerance and respect – two things which  the world seems quite short of right now. While of course it remains to be seen whether the return of Picard isn’t just a gimmick to coax fans back, it is also true that he was always a figure of wisdom, who helped make Trek great. At the end of the day, you can be as cynical as you like: seeing Picard sat in the captain’s chair or ordering an  Earl Grey again is enough to fill any Trekkie with glee.

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