How do we end this charade?

The sparks are really starting to fly over this travesty. All we can do now is sit back and watch. I’m now pretty sure that sooner or later brexit will be cancelled: May and the tories know full well the damage it will do, but can’t admit it. They’re continuing what they know is folly for ideological reasons. But on the  other hand,  guys like Macron are starting to lose   patience pointing  out that the Leave campaign lied to us two years ago.

Any reasonable person can now see how stupid Brexit is getting and what damage it would do to the  economy. Even the tories know it’s stupid. But I also think they – or at least the cabinet  – know why    the 27 other members  had to reject their silly plan yesterday, and were forced  to push it forward or risk losing all integrity and authority.  Any intelligent, informed person can see why the remaining 27 cannot give the tories  what they want, or the entire project would become meaningless.

Brexit has always  been a charrade. CaMoron only called  the referendum to get rid of UKIP; he probably thought he would win it easily. But his plan backfired, and the tories have no choice but to  give  the appearance of honouring  the referendum’s outcome. They know that, if they don’t, they would become a laughing stock; they also want to keep the nationalist nutters  who actually believe in brexit in the Tory party happy. But they know too what damage leaving the EU will  do, and why the remaining 27 rejected the plan yesterday; they just can’t admit it or they could kiss goodbye to any authority they ever had. Their image as stern authoritarians would  fly out the  window and they would never win an election ever again. Thus they have no choice but to keep up the appearance of continuing with something which they know full well will damage the country, and which they know full well will end up in no deal. It would be an utterly hilarious situation, if it wasn’t so dangerous, frightening and infuriating.

The question  is, how do we end this charade?

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