The Return of Blackadder

Blackadder, like say,  Monty  Python and One Foot in the Grave,  is one of those cornerstones of British comedy which everyone gets nostalgic about but which we assume are long gone. Most people probably take it that we saw the  last of Blackadder and Baldric thirty years ago when they went over the top at the end of his fourth incarnation. However, it seems that may  no longer be the case: just before  bed last night I came across this Metro article. Tony Robinson has hinted that the old cast may be getting back together for a fifth Blackadder series. He reportedly said: ‘We’d have to get the old group back together again. ‘I know everyone is busy doing wonderful things, but we all have fond memories so I’m sure we would work it out.’ Before now, I’d have just dismissed such stories as wishful thinking, but after James Bond’s incredible appearance with the Queen in 2012 turned out to be true, and the 2014 reunion of Monty Python proved equally awesome, I wouldn’t rule anything like this out any more.

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