Still pondering Manchester 2032

I’ve recently started to think about the olympics again, and whether Manchester could host them in 2032. It seems to me that if there’s one sure way to get a city onto the global map it’ hosting an Olympic Games. (The  notable exception being New York, the only truly global city yet to host). While I am now  firmly a Londoner and adore the metropolis, living down here has given me a fresh affinity for the nearest big city to the town where I was born. I now  want Manchester to thrive and throb as London does. A couple of questions present themselves though: for one, would this idea actually have any traction up in Manchester itself? And how on earth could I get this idea off the ground, rather then just remaining my whimsical daydream of repeating the glories of 2012 up north? Any suggestions how I could take this forward?

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