A very dark trend

The world has today taken yet another very worrying, very frightening turn. I first got word of Bolsonaro’s victory last night from my Brazilian cousin Christina, but waited to see confirmation of it this morning. It is true: Brazil has followed the UK and USA in losing it’s mind and succumbing to the mindless folly of populist nationalism. As bad as this is for Brazil – and it as now elected a truly despicable human being for it’s president – we should also be very concerned about where this trend is taking the world at large. Hard right  views are taking root all over the place; intolerance and xenophobia are once again becoming socially respectable having until recently been confined to uneducated reactionaries. Between Brexit, Trump and now the election of Bolsonaro, we are seeing a trend take hold which I fear will lead the world to a very dark place. All over the place people are being taken in by simplistic, tribalistic, ‘us and them’ narratives which opens them up to manipulation and exploitation.  They believe the conspiracy theories told to them by people like Farage, Trump and Bolsonaro,  not realising that they are being used. The world  has been here before some seventy years ago – surely we haven’t forgotten how that  dark episode in world history ended.

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