David Byrne at the o2

Lyn and I went to see David Byrne at the o2 last  night, our first gig in a while. Truth be told I didn’t know much about Byrne so I didn’t really know what  to  expect. I read he was big in the eighties as part of the band Talking Heads, but further than that things would be a surprise.

I was in for a treat. It’s always a pleasure to go up to the o2 Arena; having a phenomenal mega-venue like that virtually on  our doorstep is quite phenomenal. Byrne and his group put on a  great show, although there probably isn’t much I can say about it. I enjoyed hearing songs like Once In A Lifetime, which reminded me of listening it on  local radio on the way to school as a child. His style of music is very eighties, and a tad too dance oriented for my tastes. That  is to say, the group did lots of intricate dance routines which I felt distracted slightly from the music. Apart from that, it was a great evening. The o2 arena really is a fantastic venue, and I left wondering who we could watch there next.

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