Let me just say how much I like Edinburgh. It may be fairly hilly, and John had to really put his back into pushing me up one or two of those hills,  but it really  is a beautiful city. Some of the medieval architecture is stunning. We spent the whole of Tuesday there, first taking the bus to Crammond – a small village just east of the city where we tried to get to a small island, but were prevented by the tide – then going to a music evening in a pub in town. It’s quite amazing how much we managed to fit into just one day, although there was so  much more we could have done that we resolved to go back there.

Yesterday was also quite a day, but for other reasons: John needs to fly to Poland today, so we needed to get back to the metropolis, and the cheapest way to do so was by bus. I’ll tell you now: eleven hours sat on a coach takes some stomaching. It wasn’t quite as bad as I had expected, as I’d brought a book to read and John had his laptop so we could watch a film, but nonetheless it isn’t an experience I wish to repeat in a hurry. Next time I think we’ll go by train.

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