Things might be starting to look up

I might be being prematurely optimistic, but things might be starting to look up. It now looks inevitable that Trump will be impeached, possibly within weeks. His dodgy links to Russia now look irrefutable, so much so that it must be only a matter of time before he’s booted from office. On this side of the atlantic, the shit is really starting to hit the fan with Brexit: all the economists predict a catastrophe, and calls for a second referendum are growing louder and louder. It’s only a matter of time before Corbyn heeds  his party and comes out against Brexit. When that happens, surely  this stupid farce’s days will also be numbered.

On both counts, then, I feel we can at last see glimmers of hope. I’ve always said  that it would be only a matter of  time before sensible people start to assert theirselves again and stop the    nationalist idiots. On top of that, we’re going to celebrate our friend Debbie’s  birthday  in the pub tonight (I’m still just on the Coke). Things are looking up.

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