A rather special morning

I just had quite a special morning. John and I are on our travels again, this time exploring Oxford and Liverpool. We traveled up to Oxford yesterday. Truth be told , the hardest part of our trip was getting out of the capital due to confusion over wheelchair ramps. Once we got to Oxford, albeit later than we had planned, we had dinner at the Eagle And Child, the famous pub Tolkien used to drink in, before exploring a bit of the city after dark.

This morning was special. My brother mark studied physics at Oxford, so I had visited the city a couple of times, but only very briefly. Today I got to see it properly, walking around the city centre, visiting the bodlian and seeing the strange prison which has been converted into a hotel. Most special of all, though, was visiting Tolkien’s grave: I’ve been a fan of tolkien since dad read the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to me as a child. Standing over the grave of my favourite author a couple of hours ago, I once again heard my father speak the words he wrote and a thousand happy memories came flooding back. It was quite special, and quite moving.
Now, though, we’re on the train north to Liverpool. John’s and my exploration of the country continues.

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