Samual Pepys once famously wrote that to be titled of London was to be tired of life, yet after almost a decade of living in the metropolis I find myself wondering about finding somewhere new. As much as I love the capital, I think I have noted here before that it’s simply too big. I want somewhere more compact and homely, but no less vibrant. Today, in Liverpool, I think I have found it.

We got here late yesterday afternoon, and having spent an evening and a day exploring the city, Liverpool strikes me as just as vibrant as London, but without the sprawl. There is a homeliness and humanity here London lacks. It can be explored easily on foot (or by powerchair). The city centre is modern and new; you can tell how much work was done due to its status as Capital of Culture. The city centre is full of shiny new buildings and a great new roof. Yet whereas London has many suburbs each with a different centre, the centre of Liverpool is the centre of Liverpool, so to speak. It has vibrancy, yet no mind blowing sprawl. Great culture, but all within walking distance.  Where the capital is a multi volume tome, Liverpool is a hundred page novella.
Pepys was wrong: to tire of London is not to tire of life, for life in modern London can be tiring, and sometimes one starts to yearn for somewhere new. Somewhere with the same vibrancy, but less dehumanising sprawl. In Liverpool I think I’ve found it.

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