Liverpool and spoons

This entry finds me and John on the train south again, back to London, another journey at an end. We have just left a remarkable city; what a place Liverpool is. It had been well over a decade since I was last there and it was completely different to how I remembered. There are many outstanding museums, including the rather humbling museum of slavery.

As I mentioned yesterday, what struck me was how vibrant Liverpool is: it’s a highly musical place, with people busking on every street corner; and you can barely escape the place without encouraging a reference to the Beatles. Yet the greatest moment happened last night when we were out looking for somewhere to eat. Turning the corner from one street into another, sheltering in a doorway we found two guys busking. One was playing a ukulele and the other a pair of spoons. They were playing American southern rock, but they had such skill that I was instantly drawn. We stopped to listen; I had never heard spoons played like that before. The skill and the energy of the music made it one of those fabulous little moments which make travel and exploration so great. Museums and great buildings are fabulous, but what really gives places their character are the people who live there.

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