Owning the political mess

Probably the best thing I can do on here today is flag this piece of Guardian analysis up. It sums up  just how ridiculous things on both sides of the  Atlantic  currently are. Here, the Tories are trying to push through a piece of legislation which they know full well has no chance of getting through, and they know  will  do serious damage to the uk economy. In  the states, the fool they  laughably call their president is determined to nurse his ego by demanding a ridiculous wall be built  on the border with Mexico. The wall would serve no practical purpose,  but cost billions of dollars. Both here and there, things are an utter, utter mess. The piece’s author, Garry Younge writes “The simultaneous unravelling of the Trump agenda and the Brexit process provides a useful lens through which to understand the trajectories of the past few years in both countries. Oppositional in nature, both Trump and Brexiters thrived on galvanising longstanding discontent and prejudice through inflammatory rhetoric and egregious falsehoods, and aspired to make noise not change.” In other words, both Trump and Brexit started life as jokes, never expecting  to reach the absurd position they currently find theirselves  in, and with absolutely no idea what to do next.

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