Self-pitying snakeoil salesmen

Sorry it’s another Guardian article, and quite a long one at that, but I highly recommend reading this piece on populism. Farage and co. have apparently been touring  the country calling for a no-deal Brexit. trying to whip people into an Outist frenzy by claiming some sort  of victimhood. This new fascism, rebranding itself as populism, has to be stopped. The descriptions of Farage’s speeches remind me of Nuremberg. As it becomes ever clearer how damaging brexit will be, Farage tries to portray himself as some  sort  of freedom fighter rebelling against tyranny; yet those listening to  him, so captivated, don’t realise he’s a con-man who  would  see them stripped of their every right. It really is  scary, not to say infuriating, how easily people seem to fall for this xenophobic snakeoil salesman and his scheme to turn the country into a capitalist hell. They haven’t seemed to realise what to the rest of us  is painfully obvious: what Farage pretends is a fight for freedom  and sovereignty, opposed by a   supposed liberal  metropolitan elite, is actually  a   campaign to impose the most perverse form of  neoliberalism on this country by stripping us of our human and consumer rights.

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