Back to the olympics

Mostly to distract myself from all the bollocks happening in the world right now, I’ve began to think about the Olympics again. With the next games in tokyo, the ’24 games in Paris and the ”28 games in LA, I still think a british city should bid to host the 2032 games. I know that will probably be the last thing on anyone’s mind right now, but I think we could all do with a reprisal of London 2012 to distract us and perhaps bring the country back together a bit. The thing is, I can’t decide whether I would prefer Manchester or London to bid again. I come originally from the North-West, so I had thought it was time to see a Mancunian olympiad; yet, with so much building work going on in London, with Crossrail (hopefully) opening this autumn, part of me reckons it would be awesome to show London off to the world again. The city is thriving, and we could all do with a flashback to London 2012 again; we need another party. By ’32, London will probably have entered another heyday, assuming the entire UK isn’t bankrupt by then. Thus I can’t decide which I’d prefer: London 2032 or Manchester 2032. I’m not so much interested in the sport side of things as the occasion aspect; the chance to show a UK city off to the world, with all the pageantry and spectacle. And of course, I’m dying to see another British Olympic opening ceremony, wondering what we could do to top the one in 2012. Who knows, if I’m the guy who gets another uk olympics going, they may even let me direct it.

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