Oh to be in San Diego

Oh to be in San Diego this weekend. This weekend sees Comic Con there, and rumours are there will be some major Picard related announcements. Part of me wishes I could be there too: I haven’t been more excited about anything than this show.  This, to me, is like when they announced that James Bond would be somehow involved with the queen in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, or Monty Python were reuniting – only even bigger.

I’m lapping up every crumb of evidence I come across. The word currently is that Patrick Stewart’s fellow TNG cast members  are down to reappear too, but surely that should be an obvious move to make: why just bring back Picard if  we’re not going to see the other members of  the Enterprise D and E crew? It would be silly if we didn’t see Riker, Troy or Laforge again. Getting Michael Dorn into his Klingon make-up again might be a little trickier, but if Bond can meet  the queen,  and if  Python can perform again, surely anything is possible. I just  wish I could  be there in San Diego to see it announced. What concerns  me slightly though is the way the production crew frequently say how different  Picard  will be in this show: they obviously need to change some things in order to avoid just going over old ground; but change him too much so that he becomes a very different character,  and he won’t be the man we admired so much in the first place. Go too far, and what would be the point of bringing Picard back at all?

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