Did London-centrism help lead to Brexit?

To what extent could the result of the Brexit referendum have been the result of the UK economy being too London-centric? I just  got back from the massive anti-Brexit demonstration inn Parliament Square. It was a great event, attended by people from all over the country. One of the points one of the speakers made, though, was that people outside of London may have  voted Leave because they felt left behind, neglected by an economy too focussed on the  South-East. I see their point: when you think about it, a lot of the uk economy is focussed in london; most of the country’s media output comes from here too. London  is a world city; a thriving multicultural hub which is constantly being redeveloped and into which vast amounts of money are constantly pumped. Did all this focus on london cause the rest of the country to  feel left behind and ignored? Could that feeling of neglect be one  of the reasons people voted leave? After all, this great city voted Remain by sixty percent, a margin second only to Scotland. But if that’s the case, what can  be done to address the issue, and redress the cultural and economic balance between London and the rest of the country?

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