Picard Trailer

Now there’s a coincidence! On the  day we get our first proper glimpse of Star Trek Picard (Data’s back! Cue spastic squeals of excitement!), Marvel announce ten more comic book films. I’m sure you don’t have  to be an arch cynic to note the timing: it’s obvious that the comic book hacks are trying to steal Star Trek’s thunder.   As for the Picard  trailer itself, I’m sure most fans are now  dissecting  it, second by second, for any clue about what is in store. Apart from the revival of Data and return  of Seven of Nine, I don’t think there’s  that much we  can glean from it; but it certainly has whetted my appetite for the return of my favourite starfleet captain. My only disappointment is that we haven’t heard him say ”Make it so” again yet.

2 thoughts on “Picard Trailer

  1. I don’t think Marvel are (or need to) trying to steal Picards thunder. Its SDCC where pretty much all things geeky are revealed. No offence to Picard, but Marvel are hardly going to see it as a threat.


    1. I admit that this was pretty much a gut reaction and you’re probably right Steve, but I couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at the coincidental timing. Anyway, Picard dwarfs anything Marvel can throw out!


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