Getting complemented on my hat

I think I’ve mentioned on here before how I wear a baseball cap with ”Fuck Brexit” and ”Bollox to Brexit” badges on it. Of course, I don’t wear it  everywhere (I take it off when I’m at school, for example), but I see it as an important way of showing my opposition to what is going on. These days, though, I find I’m getting complemented on it  more and more: I was in Ikea this afternoon, and one of the guys assisting me said he liked my hat; then, rolling home, a woman crossing the road beside me said ”I like your badges”. It also happened the other day when I was in the building society. It’s happening more and more. People seem to be becoming more vocal in their opposition to Brexit. Let’s hope that this is yet another sign that the tide has  turned, and the days of this embarrassing farce are numbered,

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