Who fancies a walk up to Swettenham?

As sometimes happens, I found  myself wistfully thinking about going for a walk up to Swettenham this afternoon. It’s a grey, miserable day here in  south London, and it has to be over decade now since I rode my chair up those lanes. I could either simply do it on Streetview, or I could watch  this lovely little  video. It was made by a guy two years ago, walking along paths and roads I once knew quite well with his wife and baby. The scenery jogged so many memories that I just had to flag it up on here. It takes me back to my early rebellious days riding around in my F55 – he even goes through a gate I remember having trouble opening. (Mind you, I think he mistakes the River Dane for a stream).  The countryside is quite beautiful up there, and the film  captures the architecture of the village’s medieval buildings so well that I thought it definitely deserves a blog entry. Or perhaps I’m just a Cheshire lad who has  been away  from the fields too long.

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