Putting something right

I’m quite pleased with what happened last night. I had seen the film festival organisation committee were going to meet up in the White Swan, just around the corner. At first I didn’t think I would go, not having been to any of the other meetings this year, but then, after dinner, I decided to go just to say hi. They’re a great little group of cinephiles, and I wanted to apologise for not contributing to the festival this year.

Of course,  as soon as I got to the pub I was recognised and greeted warmly. I told them I felt guilty about not going to the meetings this year, showing them my blog entry, but the guys insisted that no apology was necessary. They understood that it had been a bit of a  rough year, and there would always be next year, they said. For now, though, the 2019 festival was all organised and good to go.

It was a social meeting – basically a chat in the pub – rather than a proper organisational meeting. I stayed  for an hour or so, then headed  home. The Charlton  And Woolwich Free Film Festival sounds like it will be superb  this year. I’m glad I went last night, though, as it feels like I’ve put something right.

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